Is a teacup pig the perfect pet for you?

The most common visual that will come across a person’s mind when he or she hears the word pig, is that of a farm pig. There are also people who think about sausage, ham and bacon. Time has changed and now pigs have also become the animals that people take in as their pet, more often a teacup pig. People are now getting to know the benefits of owing such a cute creature as a teacup pig.

Similar to training a dog, you can also train your pig certain skills like fetching, rolling over and sitting. And it is much easier in case of pigs given the fact that these are much intelligent animals and do their best to make their owner happy. Getting rewards and praises are the best thing for them and then can repeat any sort of behavior that can earn them such perks. A teacup pig normally learns the cat litter box trick within a week. Training these pigs will take much lesser time than training a more traditional pet.

Is a teacup pig the perfect pet for you

One more reason why these smaller breeds can be great pet is their lifespan. Opposed to cats or dogs whose average lifespan is of about ten years, teacup pigs can live up to twenty years or even more. This is almost double the time the traditional pets live. You can have your pet by your side for twice as long.

If you have a pig then you must not worry about any loud or annoying noise like a dog’s bark. You as well as your neighbor can sleep peacefully at night. You also do not have to deal with the shedding issue. Pigs shed very little if they do shed at all. You will really enjoy the company of a teacup pig. These are one of the most low maintenance pets you will ever have.…

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Causes and Impacts of Child Abuse

Children need love in their life. There are millions of them worldwide who suffer abuse in different senses. Child abuse can be physical, mental, verbal, emotional or sexual. There are bad effects of these problems on the minds of children and they get weak due to lack of attention and care. Read more at

Physical abuse means hurting the child physically or directly. Emotional or mental abuse refers to indirect or verbal abusing of the child and playing with their emotions. Whatever you do to your kids deals with their emotions for the lifetime and lowers their self esteem. Sexual abuse concerns with the abuse of child in the worst way through sex-related acts.

Child abuse causes

There are many causes for child abuse and the major one is mental sickness of adults. The people not in their minds can actually do harm to the children in intentional or unintentional way. There are many families having financial or social problems due to which the frustration leads to misbehavior with children. The outlet of emotions relating to stress can cause child abuse. Financial issues can invoke parents or other family members to show their burden in front of their parents. Stress is the major cause of abusing children and it leaves negative impact on the minds of children in the long run.

Causes and Impacts of Child Abuse

Effects of Child Abuse

Children who face abuses get emotional or psychological problems throughout the life. The cases get worst when the child gets weak. The effect of child abuse is worst for the overall state of the child. Depression and stress start arising for the affected children and they face issues in developing relations with people due to low self esteem and mind disorders. Click here to read more info about child abuse.


There are psychological treatments meant for the children who have faced abuse ever in their lives. There are training programs, medications and treatment sessions for such children. Children are essential part for growth of society and their well-being is mandatory for better future.…

4 Important types of Child Abuse

There are four types of primary child abuse types. Each one of them varies in symptoms and their severity. There is an attempt made by government and the aware volunteers to ease children from such things. There are many attempts made to break the cycles of abusiveness and the problem of society can be improved with the gradual attempt of government and general people.

There are four major categories of child abuse and you can look for some symptoms to look out for the ways to determine if you are right about child abuse: Click here to read more info about child abuse.

1) Physical Abuse

Physical child abuse consists of the means of giving physical injuries on any child. The direct physical contact for abusing is considered to be physical abuse. Physical abuse is the result of aggression on any child and it is much different than giving physical punishment to the child. Physically abused children develop mental problems and get lower self esteem.

4 Important types of Child Abuse

2) Sexual Abuse

It can take many forms and adults use children for sexual act. It can be a form of fondling, rape, incest, intercourse, oral act or anything related to sex. It can develop negativity in the mind of people. The kid develops premature seductive behavior, rejection of sexuality, intensive fear or interest in sexual matters. Read more at

3) Emotional Abuse

It is a kind of mental abuse through psychological imbalance or verbal abusiveness. It can have impact for the whole life and the child loses its identity. They become under or over confident adults and their character become bad. It can affect the well being of child and make them chronically subjected to insults.

4) Neglecting the child

Neglected child is the common form of child abuse. Children suffer from neglect from their parents and it is an offence. It can be emotional, verbal or abandoning kind of act. The children who remain unclean, wear bad clothes and eat bad food are facing this kind of abuse.…

Social effects of Child Abuse

Parents have the responsibility of raising their children as they bring them to this world. There are many parents who become child abusers and the reasons for this can be many. There are only a few cases reported for the cruelty of parents towards the children and majority of them remain untapped.

Child abuse means maltreating the child, which affects the physical, emotional, psychological or sexual well being of the victim. There are millions of cases reported about such issues worldwide and most of them are about the kids abused by their own parents. It is hard to believe, but some cases have fatal effects on the lives of children. Read more

Different forms of abuse are:

Physical abuse: Involves burning, beating or starving the child

Emotional abuse: Not providing security, care, attention or love to the child and neglecting them

Verbal abuse: Insulting the child with bad words and yelling at them all the time

Sexual abuse: Oral, incest or bad sexual acts on the children

The abusers can be parents or someone who meets the children on regular basis. It happens in the children of all the classes and not necessarily the poor or needy. Click here to read more info about abuses.

Social effects of Child Abuse

Who are the abusers?

Poor parents incapable of fulfilling the requirements of big families. Some mothers get so weak that they abuse the kids and finally, kill them and commit suicide.

Drug addict or drunken parents get easily provoked.

Hormonal problems cause mood swings, which lead to child abuse.

Disabled or abnormal kids are subjected to abuse by parents and society. The frustrations come out in the form of verbal or physical abuse.

Sexual abuse is reality in many homes and it is shameful for parents to do such activities on their children.

Immature or single parents usually get frustrated and abuse their children.

Burdened mothers with all the domestic and professional troubles or bad relationship with their partners get unhappy and abuse kids.…

Ill Effects of Physical Child Abuse

Physical abuse of children takes place all over the world and the abusers can be anyone, including parents, teachers, relatives, peer group or community people. It is just one type of child abuse and the victims facing this trouble grow up with ill experiences. They develop negative personalities, which can harm their future in the worst manner.

Some effects of physical child abuse:

Depression: The child becomes depressed and sad. He/ She will cry very soon and life will appear like a burden for them. Depression at this stage becomes chronic later on.

Withdrawal: The child who is usually friendly with other kids becomes away from the friends circle and remains lonely in the school.

Low grades: The abused child begins to get low grades in school as the concentration level in studies becomes less and they don’t get good scores in exams. The mind remains disturbed and they can’t concentrate on studies.

Lower self esteem: The child gets bad self esteem and their insecurity level increases. They feel that they are not important for anyone and it reduces their inner confidence.

Teenage girl studying with textbooks looking unhappy

Physical suffering: Cuts, wounds or bruises on the body are visible signals of child abuse. If the child is asked about them, they might not answer or tell lies about it with the fear of getting such things again on the body. Read more

If you get to meet any child who is victim of such issues, it is your moral responsibility to help him/ her by informing the authorities. The child should be saved from getting further abuse and your intervention can really save someone’s future. It is a serious matter and shouldn’t be taken lightly. The trauma and fear in the mind of child can take away the innocence from their body and make them victims throughout their childhood.…

Spot and Stop Child Abuse

Normally, human beings get the disturbing thoughts and images out of their reach. We usually don’t look at poor people or the needy around and pretend that they are not present as when we see them, we face reality of society, which is not easy to accept. There are many awkward situations to acknowledge in the world and we need to take a little responsibility by getting information about such things. Read more

The case becomes much different for child abuse cases. The thought of seeing a child tortured for small offences is not easy to ignore for a person who has even little care for the humanity. If you’ve become parents already, it is more likely to think intensely about such things and get hurt if you even hear about anything related to child abuse. Any person who doesn’t say anything while seeing child abuse is totally heartless. There should be at least something coming in the mind to save the child from cruelty.

Child abuse spotting requires the person to know about the actual symptoms for this issue. Child can be facing communicative, physical, emotional or sexual troubles and inflicting harm to the child by anyone in the family or outside. Psychologists say that it is really difficult to bear such things by children and they get affected for the whole life by such drastic issues. Child abuse symptoms can be noticed, if you are aware about them.

Spot and Stop Child Abuse

Physical Abuse Symptoms

Aggression towards peer group

Always covering the body and fearing to remove the clothes even when the climate is too warm

Unexplained injuries by the child

Fear of getting touched at any part of the body

Sexual Abuse Symptoms

Enjoying isolation or feeling withdrawn from the world

Fearing to stay lonely with the known and trusted people

Drawing unusual pictures having some sexual appearance

Fear of getting touched or removing clothes in front of anyone

Abandonment Symptoms

Deterioration in heath

Tiredness appearing all the time

Regular sickness

Poor clothing sense

Emotional Abuse

Hampered emotional and mental growth

Fear of punishment even when making minor mistakes

Responding to penalty in a deserving way

Child abuse is not easy to be terminated. The people who do it are actually disturbed by some other things in life and do it for their frustration. We can really help the children in need. We encounter many kids in the daily lives. It could be the case of parents, friends, teachers, relatives or any other way; the interaction of children can be in many different ways.

The above symptoms are mentioned to make you able to arbitrate with the most common things done by the abused children and helping them in some way or the other. It is the only hope for the society and you can really become an entrusted person for the children requiring your help. Child abuse can’t be terminated, but if people become willing to spot the issues, there can be limitations made for reducing the number to …