Causes and Impacts of Child Abuse

Children need love in their life. There are millions of them worldwide who suffer abuse in different senses. Child abuse can be physical, mental, verbal, emotional or sexual. There are bad effects of these problems on the minds of children and they get weak due to lack of attention and care. Read more at

Physical abuse means hurting the child physically or directly. Emotional or mental abuse refers to indirect or verbal abusing of the child and playing with their emotions. Whatever you do to your kids deals with their emotions for the lifetime and lowers their self esteem. Sexual abuse concerns with the abuse of child in the worst way through sex-related acts.

Child abuse causes

There are many causes for child abuse and the major one is mental sickness of adults. The people not in their minds can actually do harm to the children in intentional or unintentional way. There are many families having financial or social problems due to which the frustration leads to misbehavior with children. The outlet of emotions relating to stress can cause child abuse. Financial issues can invoke parents or other family members to show their burden in front of their parents. Stress is the major cause of abusing children and it leaves negative impact on the minds of children in the long run.

Causes and Impacts of Child Abuse

Effects of Child Abuse

Children who face abuses get emotional or psychological problems throughout the life. The cases get worst when the child gets weak. The effect of child abuse is worst for the overall state of the child. Depression and stress start arising for the affected children and they face issues in developing relations with people due to low self esteem and mind disorders. Click here to read more info about child abuse.


There are psychological treatments meant for the children who have faced abuse ever in their lives. There are training programs, medications and treatment sessions for such children. Children are essential part for growth of society and their well-being is mandatory for better future.…