4 Important types of Child Abuse

There are four types of primary child abuse types. Each one of them varies in symptoms and their severity. There is an attempt made by government and the aware volunteers to ease children from such things. There are many attempts made to break the cycles of abusiveness and the problem of society can be improved with the gradual attempt of government and general people.

There are four major categories of child abuse and you can look for some symptoms to look out for the ways to determine if you are right about child abuse: Click here to read more info about child abuse.

1) Physical Abuse

Physical child abuse consists of the means of giving physical injuries on any child. The direct physical contact for abusing is considered to be physical abuse. Physical abuse is the result of aggression on any child and it is much different than giving physical punishment to the child. Physically abused children develop mental problems and get lower self esteem.

4 Important types of Child Abuse

2) Sexual Abuse

It can take many forms and adults use children for sexual act. It can be a form of fondling, rape, incest, intercourse, oral act or anything related to sex. It can develop negativity in the mind of people. The kid develops premature seductive behavior, rejection of sexuality, intensive fear or interest in sexual matters. Read more at https://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/childsexualabuse.html

3) Emotional Abuse

It is a kind of mental abuse through psychological imbalance or verbal abusiveness. It can have impact for the whole life and the child loses its identity. They become under or over confident adults and their character become bad. It can affect the well being of child and make them chronically subjected to insults.

4) Neglecting the child

Neglected child is the common form of child abuse. Children suffer from neglect from their parents and it is an offence. It can be emotional, verbal or abandoning kind of act. The children who remain unclean, wear bad clothes and eat bad food are facing this kind of abuse.…