Spot and Stop Child Abuse

Normally, human beings get the disturbing thoughts and images out of their reach. We usually don’t look at poor people or the needy around and pretend that they are not present as when we see them, we face reality of society, which is not easy to accept. There are many awkward situations to acknowledge in the world and we need to take a little responsibility by getting information about such things. Read more

The case becomes much different for child abuse cases. The thought of seeing a child tortured for small offences is not easy to ignore for a person who has even little care for the humanity. If you’ve become parents already, it is more likely to think intensely about such things and get hurt if you even hear about anything related to child abuse. Any person who doesn’t say anything while seeing child abuse is totally heartless. There should be at least something coming in the mind to save the child from cruelty.

Child abuse spotting requires the person to know about the actual symptoms for this issue. Child can be facing communicative, physical, emotional or sexual troubles and inflicting harm to the child by anyone in the family or outside. Psychologists say that it is really difficult to bear such things by children and they get affected for the whole life by such drastic issues. Child abuse symptoms can be noticed, if you are aware about them.

Spot and Stop Child Abuse

Physical Abuse Symptoms

Aggression towards peer group

Always covering the body and fearing to remove the clothes even when the climate is too warm

Unexplained injuries by the child

Fear of getting touched at any part of the body

Sexual Abuse Symptoms

Enjoying isolation or feeling withdrawn from the world

Fearing to stay lonely with the known and trusted people

Drawing unusual pictures having some sexual appearance

Fear of getting touched or removing clothes in front of anyone

Abandonment Symptoms

Deterioration in heath

Tiredness appearing all the time

Regular sickness

Poor clothing sense

Emotional Abuse

Hampered emotional and mental growth

Fear of punishment even when making minor mistakes

Responding to penalty in a deserving way

Child abuse is not easy to be terminated. The people who do it are actually disturbed by some other things in life and do it for their frustration. We can really help the children in need. We encounter many kids in the daily lives. It could be the case of parents, friends, teachers, relatives or any other way; the interaction of children can be in many different ways.

The above symptoms are mentioned to make you able to arbitrate with the most common things done by the abused children and helping them in some way or the other. It is the only hope for the society and you can really become an entrusted person for the children requiring your help. Child abuse can’t be terminated, but if people become willing to spot the issues, there can be limitations made for reducing the number to …