Ill Effects of Physical Child Abuse

Physical abuse of children takes place all over the world and the abusers can be anyone, including parents, teachers, relatives, peer group or community people. It is just one type of child abuse and the victims facing this trouble grow up with ill experiences. They develop negative personalities, which can harm their future in the worst manner.

Some effects of physical child abuse:

Depression: The child becomes depressed and sad. He/ She will cry very soon and life will appear like a burden for them. Depression at this stage becomes chronic later on.

Withdrawal: The child who is usually friendly with other kids becomes away from the friends circle and remains lonely in the school.

Low grades: The abused child begins to get low grades in school as the concentration level in studies becomes less and they don’t get good scores in exams. The mind remains disturbed and they can’t concentrate on studies.

Lower self esteem: The child gets bad self esteem and their insecurity level increases. They feel that they are not important for anyone and it reduces their inner confidence.

Teenage girl studying with textbooks looking unhappy

Physical suffering: Cuts, wounds or bruises on the body are visible signals of child abuse. If the child is asked about them, they might not answer or tell lies about it with the fear of getting such things again on the body. Read more

If you get to meet any child who is victim of such issues, it is your moral responsibility to help him/ her by informing the authorities. The child should be saved from getting further abuse and your intervention can really save someone’s future. It is a serious matter and shouldn’t be taken lightly. The trauma and fear in the mind of child can take away the innocence from their body and make them victims throughout their childhood.…